Green Mobility

According to studies and analysis in the Automotive sector it results that, nowadays, millions of private vehicles are used for small journeys and short time periods (utilization is about 6-7% of full potential). These vehicles, actually, occupy the public soil making sometimes hard and dangerous the circulation and being very expensive (both in production and in management phases) and using highly polluting fuels.

The “second car” is often old and pourly maintained due to the limited use; this facilitates the decay of functional characteristics as fuel consumption and quality of the emissions in the atmosphere. Vehicles remain still for several days in the same parking lot as the need to keep the parking place is in some cases even preferable to the use of the vehicle.

The reduced use makes also absolutely inefficient catalytic converters causing heavy damage to the environment during use of the vehicle; this fact also constitutes a further potential source of pollution at the time of disposal of the vehicle. So, the costs related to production and disposal of urban vehicles are often absolutely disproportionated to the benefits that such vehicles offer.

From these and other considerations, it is born of the commitment of ARGOS Engineering in the Green Mobility field, and, in particular, the participation in the VIP Project.


Arctic bike Project

VIP Project