Interior Lining and Systems for Driver’s Cab – Visibility Studies from Driver’s Cab

ARGOS Engineering has gained considerable experiences in interior lining design with systems integration for Driver’s Cab. An example of this kind of activity is Metro Los Angeles Ansaldobreda, for which has developped the 3D modelling and assembly of the resin head, of the resin interiors, and of the layout of all the equipments on the Driver’s Desk with study of ergonomics and fit of the new automated seat: moreover, we have designed the air conditioning system in the Cab including the Defroster/Deminster validated by test in Climatic Chamber.

For Ansaldobreda’s MLA Fleet we have developped the retarctable sevice driver’s desk according with visibility norms.


Cabina 3Cabina 4



Cabina 2Cabina 1



Cabina 5Cabina 8



Defroster 1Defroster 2



Cabina 7Cabina 6



For the Driver’s Cab Argos has developped Visibility Studies with 3D simulations according to norm UIC 651 non vehicles Tram Sirio Guthenburg and V250 of Ansaldobreda.


Visibilità 2Visibilità 1



Visibilità 3