Activity Sectors

Argos Engineering provides Design Activity and Services in many Sectors; in the following a not exhaustive list of Projects developed quite by Argos or in partnership:



Internal and External Design of Railway Vehicles

Last generation HVAC Systems

Internal and external lining design using innovative, washable, recyclable materials.

Desing and Assembly of devices and systems internal and external on the Vehicle.


Green Mobility

Participation to VIP Project (Innovative, Multi-Functional Vehicle) in collaboration with partner companies from Pistoia and Tuscany: Electrical Traction Vehicle with rubber wheels equipped with innovative technologies coming from railway systems, and intended for car-sharing.

Termal Cover for the Battery of an Arctic Bycicle.


Industrial Machines

Design of Machines for Paper Boxes forming for  Packaging Industry.

Design of Centrifugal and different types of Machines for Textile, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Design of Filtering Plants for Glassware and Tannery Industry.

Design of cork removal Machines for Water Bottling Industry.

Experimental Research Project (in collaboration with CNR) for Diagnostic Scanning Machine for Industrial Materials.



Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems Tender e Jetsky

Automatic Handling System Maneuver Bodies.

Lining Elements



Design of Machines for pressured fluids interception and by-pass realization for the execution of intervention of repair/maintenance/installation on Gas, Hot Water, Petrol derivates ecc. supply pipelines etc.

Design of Centrifugal Compressors and Air Ducts for  Power Generation Plant Turbine Chilling.



Design and Prototyping of a Tomographic Machine for small animals (in collaboration with CNR Pisa).

Design of X-Rays Machines for single-use vials control for Pharmaceutical Laboratories.


Financed Research and Development

Participation in partnership with other Companies to Research & Industrial Development Projects promoted and co-financed by Tuscany local authority, Italian Governament, European Union:

– Technological Clusters Call: TESYS Rail Project – Innovative HVAC System freon gas-less.

– Smart City Call: SII Mobility Project– Innovative mobility fruition system by means of the most advanced smart-phone technologies available for the citizens.

– European Smart City Call: M I S T  “Modular Intelligent  System of Transportation” Project – Innovative Electrical Single-Rail Vehicle for ecological mobility of the future.