In Railway Sector our activity started in the early ’90s with Ansaldobreda on ETR Project – Design of instrumental panels for various vehicles, and, later, Manuals for Double-Tram Seattle.

In 2001 ARGOS has been involved in the re-design of Tram Sirio Athens HVAC System with the new lay-out of all the plant components, originally set on the roof, inside a structural module managed as an assembly unit; this experience was extended to the whole design of the system lay-out of the complete vechicle with Type and Functional Test in Climatic Chamber.

Nowadays, Argos Engineering has got important experiences in the railway sector in the following activities:

Interior Lining Design for Passengers Area

Interior Lining and Systems for Driver’s Cab

Visibility Studies from Driver’s Cab

HVAC System Design

Vehicle Systems Design

Design and Video-Animation Presentations