About us

Argos Engineering was estabilished as a study for design and development of technical documentation.

From the very beginning Argos has always paid attention to the selection and use of the best existing CAD systems in the field of advanced mechanical design. It has so been possible to support different types of projects in the various fields of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, design, collaborating with leading companies in the industry.

Argos initially developed experience in the field of advanced Paperwork field where we worked with companies such as Sate and Emmeci specializing in the design of micro-movement boxes wrapped with gluing machines, laminators, positionners, coaters, cutters, dial up to entire production lines.

In parallel we have developed partnerships with companies of the Textile and Chemist with participation in projects for centrifugal dryers, Cima Impianti for the treatment and handling of the textile fiber, Ommi and Officine Gorgeri.

In particular with Cima Impianti, for about 12 years, have been developped projects for drying yarn bobbins, for treatment and water purification and for the production of chemical preparations.
For other companies like TI-Engineering and CPA Elettronica participation in projects for control vials and ampoules for the pharmaceutical sector.

Starting from 2002 Argos began an ongoing relationship with Ansaldobreda, an important railway sector company from Finmeccanica Group, which provides engineering services in various areas of the vehicle, participating in the projects of the air conditioning HVAC Tram Sirio in different orders Milano, Goteborg, Sassari, Naples, Athens, Florence, Kayseryi.
In 2004, Argos was involved in the design development of Metro Los Angeles and in the commissioning of Metro Boston from which were developed projects of whole plant groups such as the distribution of the air-conditioned in passenger compartment and in driver’s cabin, and in the design of furniture and placement instrumental cabin, the underbody and interior of the vehicle body plant fitting, the design of the Defroster / Deminster in cabin and all the manufacturing drawings of the resins tested vehicle.
In 2005, Argos developped Visibility Studies according to UIC 651 for the project V250 (train Netherlands Belgium) and Tram Sirio Gothenburg.
Also in 2005, kick-off of the MLA Project (Automatic Light Rail) where Argos was involved in the engineering of the vehicle systems, fastening solutions of interior aluminum alloy and tools and equipment. In the project are adopted innovative technologies for fastening for vibration isolation of the interior aluminum sheet to damp any vibrations and make the vehicle particularly comfortable.

In the next years many Projects have been developped in different activity sectors.

Railway Sector: collaboration with ECM (Electro-CM) from Pistoia for the development of a FS Project for installation on board vehicles of various control devices dialoguing with the associated ground systems for the verification of safety gear train (Signalling System); Project for integration in railway vehicles interior lining of fire detection and extinguishing systems; Several projects in collaboration with Ansaldobreda on different platforms.

Industrial Machines Sector: design and development of tomographes for small animals in collaboration with the Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR, Pisa; Design and development of Equipment for X-Ray Analysis of the interior structure of industrial materials.

Energy sector: design and development of systems for interception of gas pipings for repair work and maintenance on behalf ISIF provided for use on pipes from 5 to 65 bar pressure using an innovative type of fitting with relative locking system that allows sash a significant increase in safety of operations.

Automotive industry: participation in the project of a utility vehicle for urban mobility of the individual user or small groups. This project involves the research, development, design and prototype development of an innovative modular electric drive vehicle and / or hybrid.

Shipbuilding industry: systems integration solutions and interiors of boats.




Argeo BARTOLOMEI – Owner, Technical Coordinator – e-mail: abartolomei@argosengineering.it

Massimiliano SCUFFI – Head of Technical / Commercial – e-mail: mscuffi@argosengineering.it

Marco BARTOLOMEI – Support and development drawings – e-mail: mbartolomei@argosengineering.it

Ing. Andrea GIUSTI – Development Manager FEM and CFD Analysis – e-mail: agiusti@argosengineering.it

Ing. Massimo CARMIGNANI – Head of Quality and Safety – e-mail: mcarmignani@argosengineering.it

Lorenzo ACIERNO – Support and development drawings – e-mail: lacierno@argosengineering.it

Lucio EVANGELISTA – Support and development drawings – e-mail: levangelista@argosengineering.it